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Hello friends, it looks like the much anticipated HTC One M8 A.K. is no longer a surprise. A kid who has not really realized the seriousness of the offense, posted on the internet a 12-minute video shows us the new HTC One M8 due to be launched by HTC on March 25. I think the kid has some relatives or even parents working at the company HTC because otherwise I can not explain how he hands to fall in such a device. As can be seen in the video’s color HTC M8 is all gray but something darker, more rounded front corners of the HTC One, seen from the front looks very much like the Galaxy S4 or S5. On the back of HTC M8 can see two rooms that do not know exactly what we kid because the device is not too technical shows and even he is confused in some ways. The software is very Bugg, something expected for smartphone development the stage (development). It follows from the rifles HTC M8 has an SD card slot, something his younger brother HTC One he does not have. HTC M8’s dimensions are slightly higher than the HTC One and the design is more enjoyable in my opinion. Although the kid attempted to show the version of Android running on HTC M8, however it is protected and we can tell that uses Android 4.4.2 KitKat version being able to easily see the navigation bar and status bar’s transparency with icons white.