Pokémon sun rom: Notes on new content discovered

“Pokémon sun rom” players have been kept up-to-date in recent weeks. With fresh monsters and a Christmas event, there was plenty to discover. And for the current year, developer Niantic seems to have a lot in store. The at least make obvious discoveries, the gamers have made while sifting through the source code. Therefore, the program text of the current update contains references to many new features.

So the players found about 38 new moves for the virtual monsters. Apart from the “Transform” -move for Ditto, there have not yet been any additional actions in “Pokémon sun rom”. Since there are not only the names of the moves in the source code, but also the appropriate graphics, an introduction to the game should not be far away.

Also hidden in the source code: The names of evoultion objects. These items are used in other Pokémon games to help develop certain species. The appearance of “Sun Stone”, “Kings Rock”, “Metal Coat” & Co. suggests that Niantic might soon introduce a new evolution mechanic in “Pokémon sun rom”. In addition, the players found references to the Icognito Pokémon. A species that can occur in the form of different characters and characters. In addition, the curious tinkers found hints of a new news section in the game’s menu as well as hints about new avatar customization options, Shiny Pokémon, and additional sponsor types. Sounds like some free pokemon sun players are playing.

Tracking function with footprints, Pokémon exchange and a new Pokédex. This player has redesigned the interface of Pokémon sun rom.

If the second Pokémon generation is activated in Pokémon sun rom, the interface could also use a revision. The designer Albert Choi from Vancouver was thinking this. Although there are already many design suggestions of the community on Reddit or other social networks, but Choi shows with screenshots and explanations exactly how he would implement his functions.

New Pokédex and Tracker with footprints

In a new Pokédex is space for the monsters of the second generation. In the revised version of the Pokédex, Endivie, Karnimani and Feurigel have their place. To track this new Pokémon, a tracker with a known system will help.

With the footprints you should be guided to different Pokémon. However, these work differently than usual. Because there are two types of footprints: footprints of famous Pokémon and footprints of Pokémon, which you have not seen yet.Pokémon sun rom Tracker Choi

So if you find Pokémon footprints that you have already tracked in your collection or successfully, then you will see the corresponding Pokémon. For strangers, you need the “Footspace Identifier” as a special item. This makes you a little extra event when you are looking for new Pokémon.

Swap in the exchange center

Even in the early versions of Pokémon sun rom, swapping was an important part of the game. Back then, this was done with a link cable or with playing cards. In the version of Choi there is a exchange center.

Pokemon GO Exchange

The white surfaces are so-called trade blocks, on which trainers can place up to three Pokémon, which they want to exchange for a certain Pokémon. As soon as an exchange offer matches that of another coach, the exchange will be carried out automatically. Choi has deliberately not used the direct exchange between two coaches. This should give less opportunities for cheaters.

If there are significant differences in the WP of the exchanged Pokémon, then the coach with the weaker Pokémon stars dust of the coach with the stronger Pokémon gets. If you exchange a strong Aquana and get a Relaxo, whose WP is low, you get the other Trainer Sternenstaub as a compensation.


Legendary Pokémon of the 2nd generation catch

A legendary Pokémon like Celebi can appear in Chois Design all over the world. However, it will be difficult to catch this Pokémon, because you need a GS ball. You can only get this ball through a special event in Pokémon sun rom.Pokémon sun rom Ho-Oh Lugia Celebi

Ho-Oh and Lugia can be summoned by coaches who have two special items in their pockets. The trainers must then activate both objects simultaneously to see the Pokémon in front of them. Then there is a time window of 10 minutes to catch them.

How do you share your location GPS on your smartphone with Android

Did you know that you can send your exact location using GPS chip on your Android smartphone into a MMS message, to anyone in your address book? Maybe you’re lost and you need help from a friend, can you tell another person exactly where you are, because you can reach easily. Whatever your reason for sharing your GPS coordinates, here’s how to do this on any smartphone with Android.

This procedure has been tested and will run at least Android Android 6 7 Nougat and Marshmallow. The procedure is similar on all devices with Android and you should have no trouble following the steps described by us. Our guide was created on a smartphone Google Nexus Android 6P with a cast of seven Nougat.


Step 1: Turn location services on your smartphone with Android

The first step you should do is to enable location services on your Android smartphone. Swipe down from the top of the smartphone to open the Quick Settings list. Here, make sure the location service to be turned on. If not, click on its icon to start it.

Step 2: Open Messenger

Now open the Messenger app on your Android smartphone. Usually find in the list of default shortcuts at the bottom of the screen or in settings with applications.

If you already have started a conversation with the person you want to contact, click on the conversation list. Otherwise, click on the New Message button, as the sign +.

If you choose New Message down the person or the phone number to which you want to send the message displayed in the contact list.

Step 3: Attach your GPS location to message

Now is the time to attach your location to your message. To do this, click on the add button on the left side of the field attachment writing an SMS.

You can choose between several types of attachments, from photos to voicemails on your GPS location. Click on the last symbol in the list, the right, suggesting visual idea of the location.

If it is your first time using this feature, Android app will ask permission for Messenger to access your device’s location. Click Allow as many times as needed.

After a few seconds of your smartphone update their GPS coordinates, a map is displayed showing your GPS coordinates. They can be used by any navigation GPS to find your exact location.

Step 4: Send message with your location

You can add a text message to your location, provide context for the person who receives it. To send the message, click the Send button.

The message is sent to the person chosen as an MMS. The information it contains can be used by any application of gps phone tracker navigation.

Now you know how to send your GPS coordinates via a message on your Android smartphone. You try this feature, see how it goes and tell us what you think using the comments form available below.

Search for information on the Internet

One could mention, at some point, an overabundance of information. In 1999 there were over 800 million documents on the web. Sites commercial, personal, institutional, academic articles, novels, advertising pages, catalogs. More than 100 languages.


It is enough to look, for example, “ancient history” and confuse you right away. Google has known only in a few years, a phenomenal success. Launched as a simple engine test phase in September 1998 by two Stanford University students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, search engine inaugurate its commercial version a year later. Google receives every day about 130 million applications worldwide because it is not a search engine like all the others.

Even if based on search keywords, ranked according to the number and sites of origin, Google’s principle is that those sites pay to be shown on top.


The “page rank”, invented by two students, is the popularity of the page. Another peculiarity is its strategic ones: while other engines are invaded by dozens of banners on Google, advertising is limited to a few links hypertext discreet on-screen unless you are in relation to the information sought . Also, another feature is functioning in multiple languages. Perhaps even more exaggerated: Hungarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Dutch etc.

Since competition in this area is becoming increasingly fierce recently, Google held a contest whose prize was $ 10,000. The winner has created a way that allows you to search by geographic area in which pages are located. But the real winner of the contest can be even as Google has improved its search technology programs received from participants and they can manage liking because conditions in the forms included in the contest.


Thus, technologies that Google has received relates to reducing errors in terms of pages created the possibility that hyperlinks are connected better when the target website changes its location, search for information in compressed files etc. Also, Google has launched two sites to develop experimental search and navigation technologies. Home test, Google Labs, allows users to test new technology products research and development team of Google.


These experiments include a glossary, an application of voice search, keyboard shortcuts for browsing search results. The second page shows the add-on experimental toolbar’s Google, a download of software that allows users to surf the Web with the browser Internet Explorer from Microsoft to search the Google database through an application persistence included in interface internet Explorer. So currently, Google has the best search engine.

WebCrawler is the first of search robots being launched. Developed under a research project at the University of Washington in early 1994, was a real commercial success. Since the beginning of its operation, its database contained information on 6,000 web servers.


At the end of the service received more than 15,000 requests per day. Basically, a robot is composed of three distinct modules; an explorer robot (spider), a system of indexing and searching program (searcher). The portals offer the ability to search the web is going through a directory or by a motor. As a definition, a portal is a website that offers Internet users a wide range of resources and services.

With it, you can find all the information they are looking for and even those that are not looking like the last quotation on the stock exchange, foreign affairs, domestic, economic, sports, social, time management box e- mail, horoscopes, etc. The best example of a search tool became portal Yahoo is even.

About satellites

The satellites are celestial bodies that rotate around another celestial body, folowing it in his movement during the revolution. Their origin, they are divided into two categories: natural and artificial. In astronomy, natural satellites are defined as celestial bodies that executes a secondary rotational motion around a planet or a star. The best know Earth’s natural satellit is The Moon.


Although the two are close enough in size to be considered a system. Movement of most satellites is direct, from west to east and the same direction as the planets around which orbits. Only a few satellites of the major planets rotate in the opposite direction; they were likely captured in their gravitational field after a certain period of solar system formation.

For example, Pluto, which rotates around the Sun in an independent orbit satellite is believed to be a kick of Neptune. Recently, it has been discovered that, in turn, and Pluto has a moon. Artificial satellites are placed objects with a definite purpose in an orbit around a planet. Since the launch of the first artificial satellite in 1957, thousands of these worlds created by man were sent to orbit the Earth. Nowadays, they play and important role in the communications industry, in military strategy and scientific studies of the Earth and the Universe.

Some of the first satellites were designed to operate in passive mode. Instead of actively transmit radio signals, they serve only to reflect signals which were directed to them by the ground station worldwide. Nowadays, satellites used exclusively active operating systems, in which each of them carries its own transmission – reception equipment. Hundreds of communications satellites are curently in orbit. They receive signals from a ground station, amplify them, and retransmit them on a different frequency to other stations. The satellites use a range of frequencies measured in hertz, namely frequency band of about 6 GHz. The first active satellite, Score, launched in 19588 by the United States, was equipped with a recording device messages received during passage over a transmission station.

They were retransmitted when the satellite is above the reception station. Telstar 1, launched by American Telephone and Telegraph company in 1962, offering direct TV transmission between the US, Europe and Japan, and can also provide playback of several hundred radio stations. Another satellite, Echo 1, launched by the US in 1960, was constructed of aluminized plastic balloon with a diameter of 30m. In 1964, it was released Echo 2, which have a diameter of 41m. The ability of these systems was limited by the need for powerful transmitters and large antennas on the ground.

Satellites can be connected to a signal system which is called the phone number tracker that enables viewing from space.

Most first satellites included some communication equipment. NASA launched the first satellite phone and televission, AT & T’s Teslar 1, in 1962. US department of Defense launched Syncom 3 in 1964. It was the first satellite that had a geostationary orbit. Since 1957 over 300 satellites were launched communications.

The present offers audio – visual and data transmission. Weather satellites carries cameras and other instruments directed by the Earth’s atmosphere. They can provide warnings about unstable weather and contributes greatly to weather forecasting. NASA launched the first satellite TIROS 1 in 1960, which transmitted approximately 23,000 photographs of the Earth and atmosphere.

Celebrities from United States

Celebrities from United States.


Hello dear friends today international celebrities of today we will talk about and how you can communicate with them. In today’s topic fans will find the phone number of celebrities and comic ways to them. Top celebrity is very developed and mostly these have American citizenship. The most popular celebrity of the moment is Justin Bieber.

The main passion of this character that is drawing tattoos are permanent. As you can see, in the most visible areas of the body he has tattoos but music comes first in the list of hobby. At age 12 Justin Bieber recorded his first contest in the city of Stratford, Ontario, taught himself to play guitar, piano and trumpet.

Justin Bieber

Justin later discovered by Scooter Braun was one of the greatest managers in propellant cataretilor international charts. Celebrity managed to raise millions of fans and manages bag ante with the greatest singers. You can even communicate with celebrity Justin Bieber Phone Number. I could not post phone number Justin Bieber in this article but above website contains information and communication method.

Next Celebrity I chose to talk about it because Nicki Minaj hides many secrets about the past and especially of her career as an artist and musician. Nicki Minaj is one of the few black women in the rap industry who managed to make a name and win a fortune. Seeing it now, many believe that her life was always perfect, which is not true. Many plastic surgery makes Nicki Minja look very good on stage when they surprise fans. Some of this information we learned from the artist because it offered fans a Nicki Minaj Phone Number to find opinions about rap. She said she is sure her boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill will ask the wife, but not in the near future this despite the fact that the star R & B was photographed several times last year wearing a ring with a huge diamond on her finger. You can talk with Nicki Minaj made using a telephone number of the artist. As you know Nicki Minaj can be found on its social networking site and blog. Nicki Minaj Phone Number can be found in the category music celebrities.

Miley Cyrus is the next celebrity we will talk about today. The famous celebrity starred in countless animated movies and albums and has many fans worldwide. According to US media, the singer’s personal life of 21 years is at least as tumultuous as the public. The folks at Life & Style Magazine that the star would say that after splitting bisexual and Liam Hemsworth had relationships with women. But this is not specified by the star when the star was asked not only negative response he preferred not to respond. Lately is more interested in women than men. It was devastated after breaking up with Liam. I would not be surprised if a woman would declare over while he was with her, are details about Miley Cyrus but if you want to know more you can talk to her by Miley Cyrus.

Source: http://www.celebritiesphonenumber.com/

How to record TV programs

Hi friends, in this tutorial to see how to record TV programs in Ubuntu Linux with the help of TV Maxe. As you probably know already, Maxe TV is an application that allows us to watch TV channels in Ubuntu or other Linux distributions. If you have not already installed the TV Maxe I’ve done in the past a tutorial that will show you how to install TV Maxe.
Before you watch the tutorial will tell you that the recording of TV channels with TV Maxe is still a sensitive matter and not very flexible. Basic application records stations in .mkv format, a video format with a good compression can then be transcoded into a format desired by you or your devices. Although I tried to use other codecs or formats for recording, we got results, recording not occur if you change the default format.
Although TV Maxe can use GStreamer backend, VLC, Mplayer or Totem, with each of them I managed to register only in .mkv format. Maybe in the future Maxe TV’s capability to record video in other formats will be more flexible, although there are many options for recording only .mkv work. As I said above .mkv files can then be transcoded into another format easier to digest but that we will see how to do the tutorials to come and of course if you request it.