How to record TV programs

Hi friends, in this tutorial to see how to record TV programs in Ubuntu Linux with the help of TV Maxe. As you probably know already, Maxe TV is an application that allows us to watch TV channels in Ubuntu or other Linux distributions. If you have not already installed the TV Maxe I’ve done in the past a tutorial that will show you how to install TV Maxe.
Before you watch the tutorial will tell you that the recording of TV channels with TV Maxe is still a sensitive matter and not very flexible. Basic application records stations in .mkv format, a video format with a good compression can then be transcoded into a format desired by you or your devices. Although I tried to use other codecs or formats for recording, we got results, recording not occur if you change the default format.
Although TV Maxe can use GStreamer backend, VLC, Mplayer or Totem, with each of them I managed to register only in .mkv format. Maybe in the future Maxe TV’s capability to record video in other formats will be more flexible, although there are many options for recording only .mkv work. As I said above .mkv files can then be transcoded into another format easier to digest but that we will see how to do the tutorials to come and of course if you request it.

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