Pokémon sun rom: Notes on new content discovered

“Pokémon sun rom” players have been kept up-to-date in recent weeks. With fresh monsters and a Christmas event, there was plenty to discover. And for the current year, developer Niantic seems to have a lot in store. The at least make obvious discoveries, the gamers have made while sifting through the source code. Therefore, the program text of the current update contains references to many new features.

So the players found about 38 new moves for the virtual monsters. Apart from the “Transform” -move for Ditto, there have not yet been any additional actions in “Pokémon sun rom”. Since there are not only the names of the moves in the source code, but also the appropriate graphics, an introduction to the game should not be far away.

Also hidden in the source code: The names of evoultion objects. These items are used in other Pokémon games to help develop certain species. The appearance of “Sun Stone”, “Kings Rock”, “Metal Coat” & Co. suggests that Niantic might soon introduce a new evolution mechanic in “Pokémon sun rom”. In addition, the players found references to the Icognito Pokémon. A species that can occur in the form of different characters and characters. In addition, the curious tinkers found hints of a new news section in the game’s menu as well as hints about new avatar customization options, Shiny Pokémon, and additional sponsor types. Sounds like some free pokemon sun players are playing.

Tracking function with footprints, Pokémon exchange and a new Pokédex. This player has redesigned the interface of Pokémon sun rom.

If the second Pokémon generation is activated in Pokémon sun rom, the interface could also use a revision. The designer Albert Choi from Vancouver was thinking this. Although there are already many design suggestions of the community on Reddit or other social networks, but Choi shows with screenshots and explanations exactly how he would implement his functions.

New Pokédex and Tracker with footprints

In a new Pokédex is space for the monsters of the second generation. In the revised version of the Pokédex, Endivie, Karnimani and Feurigel have their place. To track this new Pokémon, a tracker with a known system will help.

With the footprints you should be guided to different Pokémon. However, these work differently than usual. Because there are two types of footprints: footprints of famous Pokémon and footprints of Pokémon, which you have not seen yet.Pokémon sun rom Tracker Choi

So if you find Pokémon footprints that you have already tracked in your collection or successfully, then you will see the corresponding Pokémon. For strangers, you need the “Footspace Identifier” as a special item. This makes you a little extra event when you are looking for new Pokémon.

Swap in the exchange center

Even in the early versions of Pokémon sun rom, swapping was an important part of the game. Back then, this was done with a link cable or with playing cards. In the version of Choi there is a exchange center.

Pokemon GO Exchange

The white surfaces are so-called trade blocks, on which trainers can place up to three Pokémon, which they want to exchange for a certain Pokémon. As soon as an exchange offer matches that of another coach, the exchange will be carried out automatically. Choi has deliberately not used the direct exchange between two coaches. This should give less opportunities for cheaters.

If there are significant differences in the WP of the exchanged Pokémon, then the coach with the weaker Pokémon stars dust of the coach with the stronger Pokémon gets. If you exchange a strong Aquana and get a Relaxo, whose WP is low, you get the other Trainer Sternenstaub as a compensation.


Legendary Pokémon of the 2nd generation catch

A legendary Pokémon like Celebi can appear in Chois Design all over the world. However, it will be difficult to catch this Pokémon, because you need a GS ball. You can only get this ball through a special event in Pokémon sun rom.Pokémon sun rom Ho-Oh Lugia Celebi

Ho-Oh and Lugia can be summoned by coaches who have two special items in their pockets. The trainers must then activate both objects simultaneously to see the Pokémon in front of them. Then there is a time window of 10 minutes to catch them.

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