How do you share your location GPS on your smartphone with Android

Did you know that you can send your exact location using GPS chip on your Android smartphone into a MMS message, to anyone in your address book? Maybe you’re lost and you need help from a friend, can you tell another person exactly where you are, because you can reach easily. Whatever your reason for sharing your GPS coordinates, here’s how to do this on any smartphone with Android.

This procedure has been tested and will run at least Android Android 6 7 Nougat and Marshmallow. The procedure is similar on all devices with Android and you should have no trouble following the steps described by us. Our guide was created on a smartphone Google Nexus Android 6P with a cast of seven Nougat.


Step 1: Turn location services on your smartphone with Android

The first step you should do is to enable location services on your Android smartphone. Swipe down from the top of the smartphone to open the Quick Settings list. Here, make sure the location service to be turned on. If not, click on its icon to start it.

Step 2: Open Messenger

Now open the Messenger app on your Android smartphone. Usually find in the list of default shortcuts at the bottom of the screen or in settings with applications.

If you already have started a conversation with the person you want to contact, click on the conversation list. Otherwise, click on the New Message button, as the sign +.

If you choose New Message down the person or the phone number to which you want to send the message displayed in the contact list.

Step 3: Attach your GPS location to message

Now is the time to attach your location to your message. To do this, click on the add button on the left side of the field attachment writing an SMS.

You can choose between several types of attachments, from photos to voicemails on your GPS location. Click on the last symbol in the list, the right, suggesting visual idea of the location.

If it is your first time using this feature, Android app will ask permission for Messenger to access your device’s location. Click Allow as many times as needed.

After a few seconds of your smartphone update their GPS coordinates, a map is displayed showing your GPS coordinates. They can be used by any navigation GPS to find your exact location.

Step 4: Send message with your location

You can add a text message to your location, provide context for the person who receives it. To send the message, click the Send button.

The message is sent to the person chosen as an MMS. The information it contains can be used by any application of gps phone tracker navigation.

Now you know how to send your GPS coordinates via a message on your Android smartphone. You try this feature, see how it goes and tell us what you think using the comments form available below.

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